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We at IFL-Marketing take pride in helping small and large organizations achieve their business goals. Although a young business, we are progressive in our thinking and do not believe in playing it safe. We’re a proactive, creative team that aims to become an extension of your business.

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Our aim

Our aim is to get the best possible results for our clients! We work hard to develop and deliver an effective program that will meet all your promotional needs and we ensure we source the right tools on which to base your campaign. We believe in getting to know your business, understand your client audience and what is key to fulfilling your requirements effectively. We strive to exceed expectations and ultimately fulfil your vision.

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Our Main Practices

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Content Marketing

We expertly design and develop content and promotional material around your brand’s projected image and turn it into something truly memorable that will stand out among your competitors and attract new business.

Representing your brand

Representing your brand with integrity is important to us. We make a point of learning about you and your clients so we can professionally and correctly promote your brand to existing and potential clients.

Strategy development

We work with you to develop promotional strategies that work and ensure a scalable delivery for content creation, automation and demand generation that engages with your audience and delivers a rewarding experiences.

Our Services

It takes time and careful planning to deliver a targeted and consistent marketing and PR strategy. We offer a service that thinks a different way.

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We use impactful design and clear structure to ensure your brochures, flyers and documentation fulfil their potential to promote your business.

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We offer strategic advice, oversee and support employees during promotional engagements and produce supporting slide presentations/materials.

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We are creative composers and innovators able to define your business via the written word. We choose the words that characterise your brand.

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